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I started this walking blog in January of 2011. I wanted to combine walking and photography as a way to be more active. Most of my walks start from my house in the Brooklyn neighborhood, but I also branch out to other places around Portland and beyond. I use my iphone with a specific Hipstamatic setting, almost exclusively, for a few reasons. Walking is the true focus of this project. It is my preferred method of exercise and I want to make sure I’m getting a workout. I choose to use Hipstamatic, because I don’t edit any of my pictures. This creates an ease in blogging that makes this project sustainable. My  Hipstamatic setting is: DC film and John S lens.


I also have two other blogs. That Jolie Girl Crafts started in 2005 as a craft blog and has now morphed into a place to document the important moments and creations in my life. Ending in Zigzag is a partnership with my husband Greg. We are on a quest to visit every town in our beloved state of Oregon. I take photos and Greg writes of our adventures.


Besides being happily married with two adorable, evil kittens. I work full time at my dream job and craft as often as I can.