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Walked 3.36 Miles – West Hills of Brooklyn

Posted on Feb 1, 2014 in Brooklyn, Hipstamatic, Portland, SE Portland, Walks, West Hills of Brooklyn | 0 comments



This has been a really dry, beautiful winter. It was so nice out that I walked in shorts and a t-shirt. I’m still run/walking a 5k before work three times a week. In January, I clocked 29.5 miles. I’m hoping to get closer to 40 miles for February. While I’m super happy with this morning routine, I’ve really missed my photo walks. Today, I wanted to walk in the West Hills of Brooklyn, because I realized it’s been ages since I’ve stepped foot in this other section of my neighborhood.




There were lots of animals out enjoying the sun. This cat never moved as I came closer to her. I was going to pet her, but with her ears pushed back, I figured it would be best to let her be.




I think I’m going to experiment with a different Hipstamatic setting for my walks. I still like the concept of using Hipstamatic since I don’t want to edit my pictures and this has worked so well for me. But I’m going to try to find a setting that is a bit brighter and doesn’t have the darker smudges that bleed into the pictures. I will try something new on my next walk.








This face is only 2 blocks from my house. I’ve never noticed it before. It’s a good reminder that I could walk around Brooklyn forever and still see something new.


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