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3rd Annual Gervais 5k

Posted on Oct 13, 2013 in 5ks, Iphone Camera, Other | 0 comments


The Gervais 5k was a great success! I spent the last month training pretty hard for this race. I really wanted to have a good race since last year was pretty miserable. While I joked about beating Greg and winning a ribbon, I really only wanted to finish strong without too much pain. And I did just that! I walked 2 minutes and ran 1 minute – well, I tried to do this. My iphone was acting up and my Runkeeper app (and music) stopped shortly after the race started. Greg was also doing 2/1s, so I ran when he did and walked when he did. About 2/3s into the race, I lost sight of him and just had to wing the walking/running. I finished with a time of 41:07. While very, very slow, it is a great time for me. My miles averaged at 13:28 which is a personal best. Greg and my mom-in-law finished within 12 seconds of each other right around the 44 minute mark.

I’m already thinking about next year’s race. I’m hoping I can improve my time and have another strong race.


My Mom-in-Law and the Farmer continue to sponsor this race. I’m thankful for their support and to all of the sponsors.


The kid 1k is always fun to watch. It was raining the whole morning. Everyone finished pretty darn wet, but I much prefer the rain over heat.


One reason I like the Gervais 5k so much is the size. It’s really small. There were 118 runners this year and probably a 1/3 were kids. Since we’ve participated all 3 years, it feels like our race. My mom-in-law won 2nd in her age group. A friend of mine won 3rd place in her age group. One day I’ll win another ribbon!


This is the only race I know of where everyone gets a prize at the end. Prizes are donated and it’s always really interesting to see what we end up with. The order is decided by when you finished the race. So the winner gets to go first and so on until all of the prizes are gone. I usually don’t get much of a choice since I’m one of the last to get to pick a prize. Last year Greg won a lemon cake. This year we ended up with Sacred Heart gym shorts.


After the race, we stopped at the farm and loaded up on veggies. It’s good to be related to a farmer.


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