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Today at Reed – Sept 16-20

Posted on Sep 20, 2013 in Iphone Camera, Portland, SE Portland, Strolls, Today at Reed | 0 comments


This week was much cooler which I love and I had really enjoyable walks during lunch. These post-it notes are all over campus. They all have very positive messages usually talking about nature. It makes me happy to find new ones.


I had tried to visit this exhibit last week during the heat since this is located in an air conditioned gallery. This interactive art exhibit is so cool. I stood on a white X that was marked with tape. The dudes on the screen in front of me would mimic my every arm movements. This is what they think taking a picture looks like.




This is Lux on the Old Dorm Block. From Reed’s Website: “Grotesques on this building emphasize its use for recreation and sleep. On the south side of the building, flanking the Sallyport, are Lux, or light, a figure greeting the day (east), and Nox, or night, closing its eyes for sleep (west).” Note the Griffin above the curve in the doorway.


Honey Buckets passed by my office in preparation for Community Day. Greg and I attended and it was great fun. We got to go on tours of the Canyon and the Nuclear Reactor. I work at a such an amazing school.



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