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Today at Reed – Aug 19th – Aug 29th

Posted on Aug 29, 2013 in Iphone Camera, SE Portland, Strolls, Today at Reed | 0 comments


I’m starting a new series! I started working at Reed College on August 6th. One of the best things about this new job is that I’m walking during lunch. I eat for 30 minutes and then walk for about 30 minutes. During my walks, I decided to take one picture each day. I had been posting these pictures to Instagram, but I think I’m going to post them here too. I plan to re-cap each week in 1 post. For this first post, I’m combining two weeks together.

This is the Thesis Tower. There are 14,000 theses housed here in the library.


Outside the main entrance to Eliot Hall (where I work) there are little baby birds.


The Honor Principle is a big deal. Everyone is governed by it.





Putting on finery for orientation. Eliot Hall is in the background.





The first day that the baby birds left the nest! It was great to see them practice flying.


Then, the very next day, two of the babies got trapped in Eliot Hall for several hours. They choose to hang out directly across from my office, so I watched them all afternoon.


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