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Walked 5.39 Miles – To Reed College

Posted on May 3, 2013 in Hipstamatic, Portland, SE Portland, Walks, Westmoreland | 0 comments


Today I decided to walk through the Reed College Campus. I was looking for somewhere away from construction. Previously, this distance along with the hills prevented me from getting all the way to Reed. Today I decided to give it a try.



I walked through the very industrial area just south of Holgate. I went this route because the buildings provided shade. It’s going to be much hotter next week and I’m already dreading it. I had some decent leg pain which stayed with me for over half of the walk. That coupled with the heat made it not a great time. But by the end, I felt better and I was glad I did so much hill work. My time was fast since I didn’t stop to take too many photos. I think how I’m feeling during my walk is a direct link to how many pictures I take. I passed by several opportunities, because I just wasn’t feeling it.


I get to Reed and these signs are posted about every 10 feet. I took a picture and then proceeded to cross the fence onto campus. I was about 50 feet in when I realized that today is May 3rd. Doh! I’m pretty sure Renn Fayre must be this weekend. So I turned around and decided that I’d walk around Reed.


This is the north entrance on Steele. I used to visit a friend at Reed and used this entrance since it was close to his dorm. I had a moment of feeling really old, because if these tree were there back in the day, they must have been tiny. And most of this area was a parking lot.


I didn’t make it all the way around campus. I got to 37th and called it quits. I’m really excited to return when campus is open to the public again. The grounds are just so beautiful and now I can actually walk all the way here. This is a path leading to campus.


The neighborhood surrounding Reed is kind of boring to walk in. The houses and lawns are perfectly manicured. There were also no sidewalks which cut down on the interesting things one might see when walking. I was so glad to find this house to break up the monotony.


The same house had a tree filled with palindromes.


I’m getting braver on my walks. This poppy was too stunning to walk past even through there was a dude working in the yard. Normally, I would walk on by and not stop. But today I did. Every little baby step helps me build my courage.


I was mentally honking in my head.

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