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Walked 4.04 Miles – Hawthorne

Posted on May 1, 2013 in Hawthorne, Hipstamatic, Portland, SE Portland, Walks | 0 comments


Happy May Day! I’ve always love this day. I grew up leaving flowers on neighbors’ doorsteps, ringing the bell, and running away. I’ve only done this once or twice as an adult. I’m always surprised when people have never heard of this tradition.


This cat’s eyes are enormous. I’m really starting to get into photographing the cats I see on my walks. It would be fun to have a whole collection of neighborhood cats.


The American Heating building is about halfway down. Gideon is starting to become bare. The very large brick building is still left. It will be wild when that, the last building standing on that side of the street, is gone.




Since it was May Day, I wanted to head to Hawthorne to see if I could find any May Day stuff.



I do not agree with this statement. Everyone needs to vote and be heard. I’m waiting for my May ballot to arrive in the mail, so I can vote ‘No’ to fluoride in our water.


I love walking around this Buddhist Temple. It’s so beautiful and peaceful.



One pane is not like the others.



I haven’t seen the duct tape camper in ages. The last time I saw it, there was just the sun and flowers. I’m curious to see what this will look like when it’s all done.


What a nice surprise.

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