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Today was a perfect walking weather day for me. It started off sunny and warm, but then a storm moved in and I ended my walk in cool light rain. So refreshing. I headed up to the West Hills of Brooklyn and just took the time to enjoy my surroundings.


Before heading west, I checked out the progress of the Milwaukie-Portland max line. I’d spent Memorial Day in Ashland and it was exciting to see changes on 17th. It looks like they are getting ready to put a sidewalk in next to the new road.


This is on 17th right where I turn to get to my house. I smile whenever I see it. I like the positive outlook.



A year ago, I would have never walked along McLoughlin. Today I decided to check it out since it’s a stretch of sidewalk I hadn’t covered yet. It was wild walking past cars that were at a stand still. It makes me appreciate my commute to work which on a bad day is all of 5 minutes long. You can see the storm rolling in over downtown Portland.


My walk was full of friendly cats. This little guy tried to follow me, but luckily I was able to shake him after a couple of house.



The first strawberries of the year! Last year, I only saw a few the entire season. Today, I saw several more patches as I continued walking. I hope to see more. They are my favorite fruit.


This might be my favorite neighborhood cat picture yet. She rolled over right as I was taking the picture. I love how content she looks.


Also, first artichoke of the year.



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