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Walked 3.28 Miles – West Hills of Brooklyn

Posted on May 7, 2013 in Hipstamatic, Portland, SE Portland, West Hills of Brooklyn | 0 comments


It’s hot! Ok, it’s only 75 degrees and I’m a total wimp. Most of my friends are basking in the sun, but I’m already over it. While they are energized and happy, the sun makes me tired and sweaty. I’m wishing for the rains to return and a few more cooler days weather before summer really hits. I walked in the West Hills of Brooklyn just because I wanted to keep it simple. My path was dictated by which block and which side of the street had more shade. I noticed, after awhile, that I was letting out audible sighs whenever I entered a shady area and the temp dropped about 10 degrees.




Salmon fingers unclasping the bright green. I couldn’t stop thinking about salmon with jazz hands after seeing this.





These Oregon stickers are everywhere. I own one too. This person doubly loves Oregon.


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