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Walked 3.23 Miles – Oaks Bottom

Posted on May 14, 2013 in Hipstamatic, Oaks Bottom, Portland, SE Portland, Walks | 1 comment


I  had a really great walk today. I felt strong and I walked fast. I was enjoying the walk so much that I had to remind myself to look for photo ops. Not a bad problem to have, especially when a year ago I would take photos as an excuse to stop and rest. Not that I’m entirely pain free, but it’s no longer getting the better of me. I headed to Oaks Bottom and I was so grateful when I started the descent into the park. The air was cool and fresh on this very sunny day. Lots of folks were out and it’s always fun to exchange smiles. I even passed a couple of walkers! Ok, so one was a woman who looked 13 months pregnant and the other was an old man pushing 100. But still! I passed them and that added to my good cheer.


The flowers on this dogwood are sticking straight up. So interesting. These blooms were a few inches over my head.

I’ve seen a lot (a lot) of flyers around Brooklyn advocating for the protection of KBOO. Most are full sheets of text which I can glean bits and pieces of when I pass by. This one is definitely my favorite.

The Pac Man at Oaks Bottom has been updated. I think it’s pretty rad.

When I was walking to Oaks Bottom, my expectations for greatness was low. It’s a well travel route for me. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw this chimpanzee art under the railroad tracks at the of the Oaks Bottom path. There were about 6 total along the walls. Chimpanzees and Pac Man? Such a good day.

2 blocks from home, I walked on this long stretch of sidewalk filled with ‘I love you’s. There were also rainbows and smiling suns. What a wonderful way to end my walk.

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  1. So what’s the story behind KBOO FM and why does it need protection? My fave pic was the first one- crazy vibrant colours! Bam! Yeah looks like a great walk!

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