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Walked 3.23 Miles – Ladd’s Addition

Posted on May 20, 2013 in Hipstamatic, Ladd's Addition, Portland, Strolls, Walks | 1 comment


Today I walked with a purpose. Ever since I saw the small lending library less than a mile from my house on Clinton, I’ve wanted to leave some books there. Today I finally rounded up some books and headed that way. It was a very cool morning and I almost brought a jacket. I’m glad I didn’t, because after a few minutes of walking I was plenty warm. It was kind of awkward walking with a bag of books and I didn’t take any pictures before reaching my destination.


I left 10 books and I’m so glad I did. There were only a few books here when I arrived and one was by Ross Perot. I want to bring more books the  next time I head this direction. I think this is such a brilliant idea and I want to help it grow.
I spent some time in the South and East rose gardens in Ladd’s Addition. I love seeing this many roses in bloom. What a wonderful asset to the community. Some of these roses were planted in the late 1970′s.

These benches are so peaceful and I see them in use a lot.

Underneath the bench was this plaque. “Find courage, gaiety and the quiet mind.”

I was walking down an alley and heard some squawking. I turned and these chickens were staring at me. They have a window to the outside world. I peeked into their space and they had luxurious digs.

This cat ran down her front porch steps to greet me. I didn’t think I’d get a picture, because she wouldn’t stop pacing in front of my feet. Finally she stopped for a few seconds. Such a beauty.

The Gideon pedestrian bridge looked festive today.


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  1. Good walk! Loved the friendly kitty and flowers!

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