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Walked 2.98 Miles – Maitripia College

Posted on May 10, 2013 in Hipstamatic, Ladd's Addition, Portland, SE Portland, Walks | 0 comments


I knew that the Dalai Lama would be speaking at the Maitripia College which is slightly over a mile from my house. I knew that I should walk there on my walk. I’d kick myself if I didn’t check it out. I started walking just after 8am. That’s pretty early for me (I like to sleep in a little later on my day off), but I was up and decided to get a jump on the day. The weather was perfect this early. Not too hot and there was a slight breeze. Really nice.


I checked on the construction at 12th and Division. As I standing there, I saw a bald eagle circling the area and he landed on the cell tower (he is the black dot on the left in the middle). Pretty amazing.

This is what I saw when I got to Maitripia College. There were probably about 200 people hanging out. The group inside (on the screen) were chanting and I liked hearing that. Did you see the secret service dude on the roof? There were about 4 on the roof and several others walking around the perimeter.

There was a stage set up behind the big screen. Many people were gathering around the fenced stage. It was just before 9am, so I was hoping that there was a chance the Dalai Lama would make an appearance outside before the official program started at 9am. I figured that if he was going to come out, I should switch to my regular iphone camera. Sadly, he didn’t come outside. Just after 9am, we heard the Dalai Lama on the big screen and the program started. Most folks moved over to watch him on the screen.

I stayed about an hour listening to the Dalai Lama. The whole group gathered was very friendly and nice. There were many monks in the group and it was fun to people watch.

This secret service dude rocked my world.

I walked through Ladd’s Addition on the way home. I love the tree lined streets. It’s so peaceful here.

The debate about fluoride in our water continues to rage. I’m so hopeful that we will be able to vote this down. I do not feel that it’s the right decision to add fluoride to our water for 3 very simple reasons. 1. Water is life and a healing source. Even if fluoride was a miracle cure (and it’s not), it shouldn’t be put in our water. 2. Medicating the population without their consent is unethical. People in the surrounding areas will be affected by this and they don’t even get to vote. 3. The gain does not outweigh the risks. Fluoride added topically is way more affective to oral health than putting it in the water. As you can see, I feel pretty strongly about this issue. I hope people will vote and will decide that this is not the right decision for Portland.

There was nobody at the skate park (this never happens) today, so I got to poke around and explore this area a bit. I love all of these skateboard pictures.


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