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Walked 7.30 Miles – Around the Waterfront

Posted on Apr 28, 2013 in Hipstamatic, Portland, Portland Progress, SE Portland, Walks, Waterfront | 0 comments


Greg and my mom-in-law were in Eugene completing the half and full marathons respectively. I figured I should go a healthy distance in solidarity. It’s been a really long time since I’ve walked 7 miles. It felt really good. I did have a bit of pain early on, but it faded away after awhile. At the end of the walk, I was definitely tired. But it’s a wonderful thing to end a walk only being tired. That’s a big achievement for me.


Lawn art never ceases to amaze me.

The construction is really ramping up around OMSI. Several more buidlings have come down including the weird Royal Food place. This building is coming down next.

Since it was Sunday and no construction was happening, I got to get up close to see how things are progressing.

Be your best, beautiful self!

The new bridge is huge! I walked on the dock that houses the OMSI submarine (the opposite side of the dock is public access) to get a better view of the bridge. So many kayakers on the water.

The OMSI parking lot was fenced at it looked like some sort of event was being taken down. On the side of the path, this poor PBR was thrown out with the ice. It was gone when I returned home this same way.

So many people on the water. The esplanade was also packed full of people doing all sorts of activities. It’s really such a wonderful place to feel a part of the city.

The Steel Bridge

I’m on the Steel Bridge looking at the Broadway Bride with the Fremont Bridge in the background.

I had to walk over to the Portland Oregon sign after making the pinata. This sign is so iconic and I’m so glad it’s still here.

I haven’t spent much time at the Japanese American Heritage Plaza since it’s not directly on the main walkway of Tom McCall Waterfront Park. I need to come back and really spend some time looking at this beautiful memorial.

This rock made me stop for a few moments. I visited Minidoka again a couple of years ago with family. Minidoka had always been part of my family’s history. They farmed in the area after WWII and after Minidoka was dismantled. The government offered free (rocky, barren) land to folks who wanted to farm in the area. The barracks were relocated to these farms and families still live in them. Most have been remodeled in some shape or form, but there are some that remain much like they were in the 40′s. It’s a very interesting part of American history and if you get the chance to visit the area, you really should.

Saturday Market setting up for the day.

Set-up for Cinco de Mayo had begun.

Tiny baby geese! I was surprised that the parents were so far away from their babies. Lots of people were passing by and they just kept on doing their thing.

I used the regular camera on my phone, because I wanted to make sure to capture the baby geese on the Willamette. This was a totally different family from the picture above this.
Welcome to the cat bridge.

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