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Walked 3.67 Miles – Ladd’s Addition

Posted on Apr 5, 2013 in Hipstamatic, Ladd's Addition, Portland, Portland Progress, SE Portland, Walks | 1 comment


It was hard to know what to wear on my walk today. The skies were blue in one part and super dark in another. I wore a hat, sunglasses, and a jacket and didn’t need any of the three. With all of the nice weather we’ve had lately, I think I’m getting a little soft. I need to remember that it’s April and no longer jacket weather.


I checked on the MAX construction. It’s great to see cement walls. I’m getting more comfortable taking pictures of the construction. I even had a worker dude wave to me. Fun!

Here’s a pano of the construction area. This is looking north on Powell.

I checked out the latest building that was demolished. It’s at 12th and Gideon and there used to be a sandwich shop and a few other businesses here. Soon there will be a MAX stop very close to this spot. By chance, a train was just passing by.

Here is a view from the Gideon pedestrian bridge. This is looking south. I was standing close to the white car in the upper right hand corner when I took the pano shot.

I wonder what these slices of tree will be used for.

The wooden plaque over the door says: “I am” Sanctuary.

This was not the best walk. I had some decent pain in both legs. Walking felt really hard. I was slow and decided to head home sooner than I would on a Friday (my day off). Still I got over three and a half miles in which I feel is a success.
Onions growing in the alley.

The dark clouds were quickly rolling in when I was headed home. It was beautiful to watch.



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  1. Love the photos! So Portlandia ;) Especially love the train shots…

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