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Walked 3.33 Miles – West Hills of Brooklyn

Posted on Apr 22, 2013 in Hipstamatic, Portland, SE Portland, Walks, West Hills of Brooklyn | 1 comment


Yikes! I can’t believe my last real walk was on April 5th. 17 days! Well, for 5 of those days, I was in San Fran and got plenty of walking in. As for the other days, I hit another crazy busy period where walking just got pushed to the side. I know these things will happen from time to time. I’m happy that life is a bit easier now and the walking can continue.



It was a pretty windy day which felt great to walk in, but made taking pictures tricky. A lot of times, I would take a picture and hope for the best. This dogwood was blowing like mad and I can’t believe I actually got a picture in focus.

I know aphids are evil little creatures, but I kind of find them cute.

Ferns are always hard to capture with an iphone. I’ve been taking pictures of ferns for months. I finally had a very good fern day.

I’m happy to see bees again. This little guy’s feet were so full of pollen that it looked like he was wearing boots.

I don’t know why this dog has 3 eyes.

Sadie and I had a staring contest for well over a minute. She won. I love her intense blue eyes.

This triangle in the sidewalk has always intrigued me. It looked extra dramatic today with all of the cherry blossoms gathered inside.

I could spot this green stretch of road from blocks away. This all came from one tree.

I thought this horse was a little low to the ground.


I didn’t think much of it until I saw this.

I didn’t notice the spider until I was going back and looking through my pictures.

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  1. I love the spider and the triangle. You have a gift of seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary!

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