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Walked 3.28 Miles – Oaks Bottom

Posted on Apr 3, 2013 in Hipstamatic, Oaks Bottom, Portland, SE Portland, Walks | 0 comments


Since yesterday’s walk seemed to be more photos than walking, today I wanted to focus more on walking. That’s why I headed to Oaks Bottom. I’ve covered this ground so many times that I wouldn’t be too distracted by what I walked past. It was pretty overcast, but I shed my jacket quickly.


I always make a loop around the tadpole pond. Today, when I was about a halfway around the pond when I heard a rustle. A baby deer! A brand new deer to the herd. I really didn’t think that the few deer that leave here would reproduce. This is so exciting. This little baby deer proves that the deers can sustain a life in this park.


After I took the picture of the baby deer, I looked to my left and this duck was walking right towards me. She turned when she was probably about 2 feet from me and headed to the tadpole pond. Her mate followed behind. Except he got off the path to walk around me and the got back on the path to continue on his way.


I left the tadpole pond and a few minutes later, I spotted a bit of brown in the trees. Do you see it?


I slowly walked around a bit to get a better view. Another deer! I think this is one of the original 3 deer I keep seeing. I really couldn’t believe my luck that I saw two deer in different area of the park. This deer is across the path and several hundred feet (if not more) from where I saw the baby deer.


And then as I was about ready to climb the hill out of Oaks Bottom, I spotted a duck egg just laying out in the open. The egg is a little tricky to see (it’s at the base of the tree), but I couldn’t pass up the chance to post a picture of it.


All in all, it was a fantastic day. I got some good non-stop walking in to and from the park. I also got to stop and enjoy wildlife. I couldn’t have asked for more. Here is the little baby deer again. I saw her again when I looped back towards home. I had to go around the tadpole pond just to see if I could see the baby deer again. And there she was. Just too cute for words.

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