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Photo Friday – Pets

Posted on Apr 24, 2013 in Photo Friday | 1 comment


I’m trying to take Photo Friday pictures on my walks. I almost used a picture of a cat I found a few days ago, but when it came time to post the picture I just couldn’t. I had to use a picture of my own pets. Zor and Zam are now about 6 months old. We got them on December 1st at the Oregon Humane Society. While they aren’t litter mates, they came into the system on the same day and are basically the same age. They are now sisters in every sense of the word. They have been such a joy to our lives, but they also drive us a bit batty. Kittens are definitely handful. This was a quiet moment with Zam bathing Zor. I didn’t realize that I had caught Zam’s tongue until later when I looked through my pictures. After I put this picture on Facebook, my niece commented that they look like Ying and Yang. I love that.

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