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Walked 5.57 Miles – Westmoreland Park

Posted on Mar 21, 2013 in Brooklyn, Hipstamatic, Portland, Portland Progress, SE Portland, Walks, Westmoreland | 0 comments


Today I headed to Westmoreland Park. Yesterday was an intense weather day with beautiful sun to monsoon downpours sometimes only moments apart from each other. It was pretty overcast when I started walking, but I took a hat and sunglasses just in case and I’m so glad I brought them both. I got very lucky and it only rained a bit. One the return trip home, I was treated with hail! So fun! It doesn’t hail here too much and it’s always a joy to see it.


Photo 1

My hummingbird was on the small tree in front of my house. He usually sits up crazy high in the neighbor’s tree. He was close enough that I could see his beak open and close when he sang.

I walked along 17th to see how the Milwaukie-Portland Max construction was going. So much work! There are many groups working on different parts of the road. There were even flaggers in three different areas.

It’s getting to the point where it’s almost too difficult to walk this street. There are so  many sidewalk closures. Crossing Holgate, I noticed that the digital archive building was being torn down.

I found this pick up again in a completely different part of town. I can’t wait to find it again.

I really dig this picture. Mushrooms on the side of a tree. They were about a foot over my head.

I walked up the Bybee bridge to see the MAX construction going on below. It’s crazy to think there will be tracks here soon.

Here is a view from the north side of the bridge. The big metal thing on the left of this picture is hanging from the rig below and must be about 20 feet long if not longer. It will be pounded into the ground soon.

The park was pretty empty and the clouds rolled in pretty fast. Usually it’s incredibly easy to take good pictures here. Today the ever changing weather and light made it tricky.

These folks had a bag full of food for the birds. On the pole (very left) is a sign saying “don’t feed the birds”.

I didn’t know that palm trees were so hairy. You don’t see many of them in these parts.


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