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Walked 3.93 Miles – Ladd’s Addition

Posted on Mar 15, 2013 in Hawthorne, Hipstamatic, Ladd's Addition, SE Portland, Walks | 0 comments


Today I walked to rent a movie at a nearby Redbox. We wanted to see the newest Bond movie Skyfall. I had 4 Redboxes to choose from and I decided to walk through Ladd’s Addition to the 7-11 at 20th and Hawthorne. It was such a warm day and I wore shorts for the first time.


This is a squirrel paradise. Besides this basket of sunflower seeds, there was also an apple for them to gnaw on.

I got to the 7-11 and my card wouldn’t work in the machine. Hmm. I had just used the card the other day, so I knew it was fine. I asked the 7-11 dude and he said that the machine had been stuck for most of the day. So I headed to Safeway at 30th and Hawthorne and the next Redbox.

That box didn’t have Skyfall. So I headed home. I was grateful for the added blocks, because I walked passed the Sisters of Reparation house. I’ve only driven past it a couple of times and I always forget that it’s there. It was great to walk by and take a few seconds to really look at this interesting place.

Then I walked by a house with several Buddhas in the yard.

And then I walked passed this house with a 15 foot tall pagan statute. I love Portland.

In the end, I did finally rent Skyfall. I drove to the other two Redboxes that were about two mile on other side of my house and they were both out. Finally I drove back to the 7-11 on Hawthorne. My card worked and I got my movie.

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