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Walked 3.74 Miles – Kenilworth Park

Posted on Feb 7, 2013 in Brooklyn, Hipstamatic, Portland, SE Portland, Walks | 0 comments


Today I set out without any intention on where to walk. I finally decided to head up Holgate over to Gladstone up and then to Kenilworth park at 34th. It was a cloudy day and not too warm, but luckily I stayed dry the whole time.


This why I don’t put up holiday decorations. You have to take them down – eventually. I’m going to keep my eye out to see when this large nativity scene is finally put away.


I love it when the sky is filled with these huge clouds. The sun popped out many times, but mostly it looked like this.




I’m so glad I went to Kenilworth Park, because I was rewarded with Winter Daphne. This fragrant flower is in my top 5 favorites. It’s such a treat in the winter and the smell is just amazing. This is the first time I’ve seen it in bloom this year. I can’t wait until it’s blooming everywhere.




Many of the trees in the park had tons of sap oozing out of them. Is this normal? I haven’t seen this in other parks in the area. I’m worried that these trees aren’t so healthy. Hopefully I’m wrong. I was very careful not to get to close to the pitch. I have lots of memories of being covered in pitch after climbing trees. It’s so hard to get off.



I have a friend who takes an exercise class at Mt Tabor. She often posts pictures of the tree canopy. Remembering this helped me to remember to look up and see how amazing the tree canopy is at Kenilworth.



Grout Elementary is such a pretty school. I’ve taken a watercolor class here with my sis. They also have a great holiday craft fair each year. I just love all the details in the architecture.



Coming back over the Holgate overpass, I could see this storm starting to roll in. It was really so beautiful that I took a ton of pictures all the while realizing that I should probably get a move on it.


As a comparison, this is what it looked like on the other side of Holgate looking over Brooklyn Yards. Quite a difference. Luckily, I was headed towards the blue skies. I kept looking over my shoulder to see if the storm would catch  me, but it never did.


I think these buds look super alien.

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