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Walked 3.01 Miles – West Hills of Brooklyn

Posted on Feb 13, 2013 in Brooklyn, Hipstamatic, Portland, SE Portland, Walks, West Hills of Brooklyn | 0 comments


I’m having a rough day. I missed walking on Monday, so I knew I needed to get outside today. I really wasn’t feeling it and almost didn’t go, but I finally got out the door. I was a few blocks from my house when I saw a car stopped at a stop sign across the street from me. Completely stopped, just sitting there. I started crossing the street, because I had the right of way. I was halfway across when I looked to my right to see that the car had crossed the intersection and was coming right at me. I don’t think she would have actually hit me (at least I would like to believe she would have stopped before she hit me), but she came about 2 inches from me and I jumped out of the way not to be hit. As I was dodging her car, I looked at her and she had a deadpan expression on her face and she was just staring at me. Really, really scary.

It all happened so fast and she was gone before I could come to my senses and think about getting her license plate number. In the three years that I’ve done this project, I’ve never had anyone intentionally be malicious like this lady. It really shook me up. At first I was seeing red mad. Then I looked up Franklin street and saw the big hill many blocks away. I knew I needed to walk up that hill just to blow of stem and to get my mind thinking about something else. I managed to get 3 miles in today, but I was kind of cranky the entire time. Heck, I’m still kind of cranky.



On a happier note, I saw so many cats today. It’s been weeks since I’ve seen a single cat. Today they were everywhere. I took time to stop along my walk and pet the 3 cats that would let me. Cats always lift my spirits and it was just want I needed to help settle my nerves.

This yard was filled with wood shavings. I couldn’t see what the project was. Only the shavings were left.

I headed to the Poulsen house which I just adore. This is what the house looks like when you are outside of the gate. On top of the tall stone wall is a very large hedge. It makes it a challenge to photograph, but that’s half of the fun.

It’s nice that someone cleared a path on this sidewalk. Moss is everywhere. I love it so, but it’s super slippery on wet days.

These keys are such an enigma. I’ve seen keys before with this purple key chain. Then on subsequent walks, no keys and only the purple key chain. Now keys are back. A street pole doesn’t seem to be the safest key caddy to me.

First signs of sidewalk chalk. Spring is on its way.

I catch the bus across from this building. I see it almost every day of my life. Today was the first time I took a picture of it.

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