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Walked 3.64 Miles – Industrial SE

Posted on Jan 3, 2013 in Hawthorne, Hipstamatic, Portland, SE Portland, Walks | 1 comment


Today I decided to forgo the pedestrian streetlight at 13th and head down to Powell and Milwaukie to cross into Industrial SE. Well, it turns out waiting for the pedestrian streetlight is much faster than at Milwaukie. I had to cross the street three times to get to where I wanted go. Not efficient, but I always love to see the Benson Bubbler - the only one on the Eastside of the Willamette. Yay, Brooklyn!
I also got to see one of these faces again. They are really just so great. This face is about a half an inch tall. So easy to miss, but such a treat to find. That is the beauty of street art.

The little blob in the picture is a bald eagle. I’ve seen one a couple of times farther East on Clinton. I’ve never seen one so close to home. I wonder how many are in the area.

I walked down 12th to Hawthorne, then meandered around 9th and 10th until Belmont. My natural inclination is to tuck into Ladd’s Addition and stay off of busy streets. I’ve walked Ladd’s so many times that it’s time to branch out a bit more.

This walk felt much more urban and there were so many great things to see.
These railroad stakes were staking a small tree. There were probably 15 stakes in all circling the tree.

I’m always drawn to locks and interesting metal works. I’ve never seen a padlock with a chain this thick. It really was pretty impressive.
This caught my eye and I changed direction to see it more closely. I’m kind of in love with the exclamation mark.

I turn the corner of the building and find this inverted mural.
Goats! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to walk down to the goats at 12th and Belmont. I didn’t intend to end up here and I really didn’t expect to see goats this time of year. It was cold out. Such a great idea for the city. Several people stopped to take pictures along side of me.

The things you see while waiting for the light to change.

This was very sad to find on 12th ave. It’s a good reminder to make sure cars see me when I’m crossing streets, especially in the winter when it gets dark so early.

Even the bikes are festive here.
As I mentioned before, it was freaking cold out. I wore my brand new gloves that my mom-in-law got me for Christmas. You can wear them and use your iphone! They are simply amazing and made for a much cozier walk.


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  1. Glad the gloves worked well. I wish I had bought myself a pair when I got yours!

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