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Walked 3. Across the Ross Island Bridge

Posted on Jan 12, 2013 in Brooklyn, Portland, Portland Progress, SE Portland, Walks | 0 comments


Greg has started training for his next half marathon and needed to run this morning. I used the time to go on a walk. I asked him where I should go and he suggested the Ross Island Bridge to see the new bridge construction. Sounded like a great idea to me.


It was a cold morning and frost was everywhere.



My job is at the end of this bridge; it’s the world’s best commute. I’ve never walked to work because getting on and off the bridge is extremely dangerous for pedestrians. I see near misses all the time. I’m more than happy to ride 4 bus stops to work. This was the first time I’ve walked on the bridge and boy, it was kind of frightening. The sidewalk is narrow and the traffic is loud and fast. I was nervous the whole time on the bridge.


The new bridge is coming along. It’s fun to watch it grow.


This cage is how worker bees get underneath the bridge. I’m so glad this isn’t my job.


The bridge makes quite the shadow.


This is SW Moody where they have finished installing the streetcar. To the left of the streetcar tracks under the Marquam Bridge, you can see the brand new MAX tracks. MAX will cross over the new bridge. It’s so exciting to see how much progress is happening downtown.


Looking back at the new bridge from the very end of the Ross Island. This gives some perspective of how large the new bridge will be. The view from this spot 3 years from now is going to look drastically different.


I caught a glimpse of the tram when I turned around to head home.


I saw several boats like this and a few kayaks. It was a great morning to be on the water.



This the first time I’ve gotten a good look at Ross Island Sand and Gravel. It’s massive.


Che Guevara posters  have been popping up everywhere in the hood. I hadn’t seen this picture of him before.


I wanted to see if I could get a decent picture of the Dairy Cooperative that’s painted on the side of a Darigold and right at this moment, a Ferrari pulled in and parked. Not something you see often in these parts.

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