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Walked 2.99 Miles – West Hills of Brooklyn

Posted on Jan 9, 2013 in Hipstamatic, SE Portland, West Hills of Brooklyn | 0 comments


Boy, I didn’t want to walk today. I got some unfortunate news after work that left me in low spirits. Nothing horrible, but something that didn’t go the way I’d hoped. I wanted to come home and wallow with my kittens. I decided that I’d walk for just one mile. I’d scheduled walking on my calendar and I’m trying to really build a better routine this year. So I headed to the West Hills of Brooklyn knowing I’d could beeline home if I wanted to. By the end of the first mile, my mood had shifted and I was feeling a lot better as I knew I would.



I’ve pictured this deer before. I love this yard, because it’s crowded with this kind of kitsch. I was most surprised when I saw that this deer and many other things and been re-arranged. Very impressive!

I didn’t notice until after I got home that Eeyore has raindrops on his ears.

After I had walked a mile or so, I decided to head over to the Poulsen house. It was nice to have a destination which always make the walk feel shorter than when I’m just wandering. I told myself that I could start for home after seeing the house. I can’t believe the blue sky; it has been pouring down rain all day. I had the perfect window of dry weather.


I didn’t head straight home. The setting sun caught my eye and I knew the community garden was just a couple of blocks away. The garden sits on a hill, so it’s the perfect place to see the setting sun.

The garden also gave me lots of opportunity to shoot raindrops.

As I was leaving the garden, a new storm was rolling in. I made it home before the rain hit.

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