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Walked 2.30 Miles in the Evening

Posted on Jan 30, 2013 in Brooklyn, Hipstamatic, Portland, SE Portland, Walks | 0 comments


I had bagged walking this afternoon, because I just wasn’t feeling it. When Greg decided that he was going to walk after work instead of run, I invited myself along. I really, really liked walking in the evening. Such a change for me and it brought out so many new picture opportunities. It also greatly limited my ability to take pictures since it was getting darker by the minute.


Winterhaven school is even beautiful at night.


I’ve always wanted to take this picture, but I knew it wouldn’t look good during the day. It’s too far away from the sidewalk and the glass would create glare to obscure the great font. I love this font and I love Brooklyn. The porch light made it shine and the cover of darkness gave me the courage to walk up the sidewalk to get a closer shot. I finally got the picture I could mentally see in my head for so long.


At the light to cross Holgate, the building to our left had a large lit sign that spins around. When the sign it just right, there was amazing light on Greg. When the sign turned, he was in the dark. This is the second walk we’ve taken together since I got minimalist shoes. The difference is night and day. Before I would have to struggle to keep up with lots of pain slowing me down. Now I can keep up easily. He kept walking while I took pictures and it was no big thing to run to catch up with him. In fact, it was kind of fun.


Crossing over McLoughlin, I had a rush of gratitude that I don’t have to commute in traffic. I enjoy taking the bus to work, but everyone once in a while I drive. I love that my commute is less than 1 song long.


I’ve walked past this machine store many times. I could never see inside, because the glass reflects back (like a mirror) during the day. It’s way cooler than I envisioned

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