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Photo Friday – Shadow

Posted on Jan 27, 2013 in Hipstamatic, Photo Friday | 1 comment


I’m been trying to challenge myself with Photo Friday by taking a picture on my walks to match the week’s theme. When I saw that this week’s theme was Shadow, I immediately knew I had to use this picture. This was taken in July 2011 in Idaho. Family had gathered from near and far to celebrate my dearly departed grandmother. Even at this sad affair, we had a great time visiting with family and remembering how amazing my grandmother was. On the last morning of our trip a group of us were waiting outside of our hotel to say good-bye to other family members. I took advantage of the time we spent waiting by taking family shadow portraits. I love this picture so much because it holds all of the people who are closest to my heart.


I posted this photo to Facebook that same day and had tagged everyone except the person who is fourth from the left who isn’t on Facebook. An extended family member commented, “who’s that dude?” My response: That’s no dude, that’s my mother! It still cracks me up to this day.


1 Comment

  1. It’s a really good, graphic image. Although the circumstances are sad you have created a photograph that others can enjoy and has deep personal meaning to yourself.

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