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Walked 3.50 Miles to Oaks Bottom – Last walk of 2012

Posted on Dec 31, 2012 in Brooklyn, Hipstamatic, Oaks Bottom, Portland, Portland Progress, SE Portland, Walks | 0 comments


Today I walked for the last time in 2012. Over the course of the year, I walked 324 miles on 91 different walks. That’s only 20 miles shy of walking to Seattle and back. I’m so proud of this accomplishment! I really didn’t think I had walked this much in 2012. I’ve set a new goal for 2013 to walk even further. I also have a few races I’m thinking about participating in. The future is definitely bright!

For my last walk, I decided to head to Oaks Bottom. I wanted to jog a bit and I really like how flat the Springwater Corridor is. I’m still very frightened of tripping, so it’s the perfect place to practice without fear of curbs, cracks, or other hazards.


Due to the Max construction, road closures are common and constantly changing. Often when I drive home, now, I have to find new routes because of the closures.


This entire row of colorful flowers caught my attention from a block away. Such a sight for sore eyes in the dreary winter weather. It wasn’t until I took the picture that I realized they were all fake.



I’ve walked past this broken window for well over a year now. I finally stopped for a self portrait.


I recently drove past the Sellwood bridge and saw this construction in progress. They will be shifting the bridge to sit on a temporary structure while a new bridge can be built. The whole thing sounds like magic. I can’t even comprehend what it takes to move a bridge, let alone build a new one. Portland keeps getting better and better!


Just as I started to descend down into Oaks Bottom, it started to snow. It only lasted a few minutes and the tiny snowflakes didn’t last on the ground, but it was a perfect moment. While the water isn’t completely frozen, I was amazed to see it covered in ice.

Photo 1

I walked around the tadpole pond and came upon these newly filled bird feeders. So many beautiful birds were waiting their turn to feed. I stopped here and stayed as still as possible, so they would eat in my presence.


I love the reflection of the trees in the water. The water was perfectly still today.


The path around the tadpole pond was extra slippery due to the frost on the mud. I was very careful walking this trail.




I heard these crows from blocks away. I changed directions and tried to get as close to them as I could. They were constantly on the move circling from tree to tree. There must have been over 100 birds.


It’s fitting that Oregon has been filled in by moss.


The fall leaves may be gone, but their imprints remain.


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