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Walked 5.01 Miles – Westmoreland Park

Posted on Nov 27, 2012 in Hipstamatic, Portland, SE Portland, Walks, Westmoreland | 0 comments


Today the weather was clear and bright and cold. Really, really cold. It’s starting to feel like winter. I love walking in this kind of weather. I warmed up after a couple of minutes and besides a few strong wind gusts, it was the perfect temperature for me. I decided to head to Westmoreland Park to see the birds. I figured I should get down here at least once more before the weather gets too bad. The park is a bit further than my usual walks, but it is so worth it. Today, my feet felt great and I’m walking faster. Usually it seems to take ages to get to Bybee street, but today I was surprised by how fast I got there.

I walked down 17th to McLoughlin. These three buildings just south of Holgate have the tell tale signs that they will be torn down soon. The businesses moved out several months ago.

I was having the same internal conversation that I have often on my walks. What if I can’t find anything to take pictures of? I’m walking the same strip of land that I’ve walked so many times. What could possible be new? And then I saw this large plush dreidel. Again I realized that there will always be something new to see and there was no need to fret.

The entrance to the park is on Bybee. This is such a beautiful place. The park is quite large and there is so much water that there are birds here year round. These few Canada geese were just a fraction of the birds I saw.

These leaves are underwater. I like that I can see the outline of my head in this picture.

So many geese! There were hundreds and hundreds on the baseball field.

It was almost dusk when I reached the park. I wished I had just a bit more light, because these ducks were so beautiful. There were also at least 100 American Wigeon ducks hanging out to. They would not be still enough for me to get a good shot of them. They do have the most adorable quack. They basically sound like a kitten quacking. I could have listened to them all day.

As I was leaving the park, I heard geese overhead behind me. They were so loud, they over powered my music. I was awestruck seeing so many birds flying in such a large group.
Ferns seem to be able to grow anywhere.


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