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Walked 2.86 Miles – Oaks Bottom

Posted on Nov 14, 2012 in Hipstamatic, Oaks Bottom, Portland, SE Portland, Walks | 0 comments


Today I headed to Oaks Bottom. I have been trying to walk at least 4 miles now, but today I only managed less than 3. My new awesome shoes are giving me a couple of hot spots, so I didn’t want to over do it. I’m still more than pleased with these shoes. I know it will take time to properly break them in, so I’m definitely not deterred. The evening sun was so beautiful coming through the trees. It was a great day to walk.

I could see these leaves from a couple blocks away. They were practically glowing.


I like the dichotomy of fallen debris in this daisy.


I walked past the house that previously had many No Dog signs.  All of those signs are now gone and this is their new sign.


My friend had posted on Facebook a few days ago that he had seen this deer family on McLaughlin. That makes me so nervous since that is a major thoroughfare. I was thinking about this and how I hadn’t seen the deer lately. As I’m thinking this, I see this doe out of the corner of my eye fall back in this field. She started towards me and I was thinking she was going to come directly to me. About 20 feet before she got to me, she changed course and found an orange peel. She is chewing on it in this picture. I worry about these deer becoming too tame and harm coming their way because of it.


This buck, the brother of the doe, also came out. He kept his distance and seemed to keep watch. I was surprised at how big he had gotten. It was great to see him. I didn’t see the mom this time. Maybe her babies are big enough to venture off on their own.


I’m glad this field is fenced off. If it wasn’t, I could see people trying to get too close to these guys. They were still here when I returned back this way. By this time a crowd had gathered to watch them. It’s so weird to think that there is deer living just over a mile from my house.


The tadpole pond has water again! The last time I was here it was dry as a bone.



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