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Walked 3.85 Miles – Ladd’s Addition

Posted on Oct 18, 2012 in Hipstamatic, Ladd's Addition, Portland, SE Portland, Walks | 0 comments


We got a break from the heavy rains and I took the opportunity to walk over to Ladd’s Addition. I wanted to try and find a street lined with fall color leaves. I was amazed at how many people were out and about today. It’s common to see people on my walks, but today it felt like Ladd’s Addition was packed with people. Like me, I think folks realized that when the sun is out and the weather is this perfect and we should soak up as much of it as possible. This was really a great walk. I changed shoes to my blue sneakers and didn’t have much issues with my legs. It’s the best walk I’ve had in quite some time.




It’s been awhile since I took a pic from this location. I spent some time looking through past posts and it was so interesting to see pictures from this spot from last year. I’m so glad I keep taking these construction photos. It will be great to see the progress long after I’ve forgotten all about it and the new Max is the norm.




Tempting Free Box. I almost snatched up Zoolander.




Do not fear mistakes. There are none. – Miles Davis. I wasn’t familiar with this quote, but boy is a good one. I think it’s especially poignant on this very large tree stump.




There were 4 squirrels here eatting the corncobs someone had tacked up to a tree. Even with so many people out, there were a ton of squirrels on my walk.







Arty self portrait. This spinner wouldn’t stop spinning. I’m surprised I was able to catch myself at all.




I’m pretty sure my family had these lawn chairs on the 80′s.




I know I’ve been on a cat kick lately. I hung out with a few friendly cats on this walk. One followed me all down an alley. He was next to me as I spied this cat with a bow tie. Too good to pass up.










After I took this picture, I was walking past the white house on the right when a man on the porch started talking to me. I turned off my headphones and asked what he had said. He told me that the large sculpture on the right was for sale and did I want to buy it. I told him it was very cool, but I wouldn’t be buying it today.







I found this yarn bombing first at the big turn around at the very heart of Ladd’s Addition. Later one, I found the yarn bombing in the top picture in the East rose garden. I looked for more in the South and West rose gardens, but unfortunately, I didn’t see any more.




Bunnies! This is my first bunny spotting. The guys were chilling in the yard right at the sidewalk.




Shuffleboard! Another first.




The decorations are in full swing now. I’m amazed at how intense some of the yards were in all of their gory decorations. I kept looking for a hand coming out of the cubby hole of the huge trees that line the street. I think that would be especially spooky.







This building next to the Gideon pedestrian bridge has the tell tale signs that it will be gone soon.


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