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Walked 3.13 Miles – to Oaks Bottom

Posted on Sep 28, 2012 in Hipstamatic, Oaks Bottom, Portland, Portland Progress, SE Portland, Walks | 0 comments


It’s been two weeks since I’ve walked. Life was crazy insane the past two weeks. Really, really busy. The kind of busy where you just have to put your head down and make it through. Luckily, now things are starting to return to normal. It was nice to get out and walk. I opted for the predictable Oaks Bottom 5k. No need to plan a route or to worry about where to go. I put myself on autopilot and walked.


Fall leaves are already crisp and fun to walk in. It’s been so dry this past couple of months that we have yet to deal with rainy leaf mush.


MAX construction is getting noisy. They are driving huge steel bars into the ground. The pounding is loud enough to hear inside the house and makes Trilly pretty freaked out. I’m just so happy that the site is so active. Progress!







The tadpole pond is completely dry. I found myself thinking about the rainy weather ahead a lot on this walk. I miss rain so much. I’m ready for gray drizzle.


This is where Oaks Bottom runs into the Spring Water Corridor. I pass under the train tracks, turn around, and head home.



I saw this sign at the beginning of my walk. Each tree at this house had “No Dogs” signs. A little boy (I’m guessing the author of these signs) was sitting on the front steps, so I didn’t stop then to take a picture. I figured I’d try when I came home. Luckily, the little boy was gone and I got to take my pictures.


I didn’t see this sign the first time around. I’m so glad I spied it. Someone is very adamant about not waiting dogs around. I took this picture and then headed on my way only to see a lady walking her dog. She asked me very tersely why I had taken a picture. I told her that I thought the signs were really funny. She didn’t find any humor in this and went off about how nobody controls the sidewalk and she can walk her dog if she pleases. I quickly made my escape.



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