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Walked 4.01 Miles to Bybee

Posted on Jul 27, 2012 in Hipstamatic, Portland Progress, SE Portland, Walks, Westmoreland | 0 comments



This morning was cool and cloudy; my favorite walking weather. I stood on my front steps for a couple of minutes trying to decide where to walk. Finally I decided to see what was new with the Max construction south of me. I continued walking to Bybee which is exactly 2 miles from my house. I walked up to Milwaukie Ave to loop home. I usually stay away from urban streets, but it was a nice change to walk through Westmoreland. I’m a big fan of Chris Haberman and it was so great to see this mural a couple doors down from the movie theater. What a great addition to the neighborhood.




Progress continues and the Advantis bank is almost on the ground.




Yep. This honey bucket is locked to a power pole.  Stay classy, Portland.




While I think it’s sad that this large tree will be cut down for the new Max line, I’m grateful that I live in a town where due process must occur before this tree is allowed to be cut down.







Nobody will fall in this hole.




More buildings are in the process of moving out. This warehouse used to be packed to the gills. It looks so much bigger now that it’s empty.




I’ve taken a picture of this bell many times, but I don’t think I’ve ever posted a pic. I didn’t like any of the pictures I had taken. I figured today was the day, because soon this bell will be gone.




A stone’s throw from 17th and McLoughin is the first in a long string of strip clubs all along McLoughin.  Looking at the building shape and with some portholes as windows, I think this used to be a Skippers.










I love how Portland can feel like a small town.




Walnuts! We have a million walnut trees in the neighborhood and lots of fat happy squirrels. It’s the time of year where squirrels are harvesting like mad. We have squirrels that are constantly carrying nuts across our deck. Unfortunately because of this, walnut trees take root everywhere and we are constantly battling to keep them from destroying things in our yard.










I’ve seen this flower a few times now and I love it. I don’t what it’s called or anything about it. It grows in tall stalks and the flowers are as intricate as an orchid.







These flowers are stunning. And of course, I’m a fan of whatever the bees are into.







This bank of lilies were so dark they looked black.




Here is more of the mural by Chis Haberman. It’s set in from the sidewalk and adjacent to this dive bar door. Very nondescript and very cool.




The intersection of Milwaukie and Bybee is a happening little corner of southeast. Such great restaurants and lots of antique stores. It’s nice to have this only 2 miles from my house.







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