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Walked 3.02 Miles – Ladd’s Addition

Posted on Jun 1, 2012 in Ladd's Addition, Portland, SE Portland, Walks | 0 comments



Today when I set out, I knew exactly where I was headed.  Greg had told me that the street on the East side of the Gideon foot bridge had been painted on Memorial Day.  I had to check it out for myself.  How cool is this?  I wish I would have known, so I could have helped paint.




On the way home, I noticed that the key to the painting was taped to this phone pole.  You can tell that the circles are really gears.  What a great concept.  Now when I look back at the street, all I see are the gears.




I spent quite a bit of time here wandering around and looking at all the details.  I’m sure I’ll find new things the next many times I come back.




It ties in well to the Brooklyn Skate Park, another neighborhood driven creation.  You can read about how this skate park got it’s start here.  I am, personally, so thankful that the skate park is here.  Reading about how sketchy this area was before is just unsettling.  I’m sure I would never cross the Gideon bridge as much as I do now if the skate park wasn’t there.  It’s the same reason I never walk the underpasses at 17th and Powell.  Just too scary for me walking alone.




When I first opened the door and stepped out to start this walk, I involuntarily groaned.  Muggy.  So very muggy.  The air felt heavy and gross.  I was instantly sweaty.  I would happily trade pouring down rain for this mess.  So after seeing the street painting, I made my way to Ladd’s Addition in search of shade and cooler weather.








These plants were so crazy looking.  They were so cool to look at.




I wanted to get closer to the weird plants, but this was the perimeter and I found that I was holding my breath – not even touching anything – because it looked so precarious.  I didn’t want to have it fall on me.
















The roses are in bloom!  I could see the blooms from blocks away.  If you get the chance, definitely check out the 4 small roundabouts in Ladd’s Addition.  They are just spectacularly beautiful.  What a great asset to our city.












Ok, you all know how much I love squirrels.  I was walking by a tree and saw that a squirrel was right at eye level with me just a couple feet away.  I started talking to it and it came down the tree and got super close to me.  I was dreaming of all the great pictures I could have had if I had the courage to squat down.  But I know that this is a wild animal (even though he was so tame), so I kept a respectful distance and had a game plan ready if he tried anything funny.  Still, he was just adorable and I was happy to spend a few minutes with him.




So I took this a few hours after my walk, but I just had to share.  I had been out running errands and came home to this guy in my drive way.  It was about 2pm and I was shocked to see him in daylight.  I haven’t seen a possum in ages!  I left my groceries in the hot car and went into the backyard to see where he went.  I was very surprised to turn around and there he just feet from me.  I think I was more shocked than he was.  We both just stared at each other.  He slowly walked forward as I slowly walked backward.  Finally, after a few moments of this, he ducked under my deck.  Later I went out front and ran into him again.  I saw him one last time in the backyard.  He kept giving me the ‘not you again’ look.  He didn’t seem too bothered by me.  Later, I learned that he’s been living under my neighbors front porch for quite some time.  I hope to see him again!


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