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Walked 4.50 Miles – Across the Hawthorne Bridge

Posted on May 18, 2012 in Hawthorne, Hipstamatic, Portland, SE Portland, Walks | 0 comments



Today I decided to head down to the waterfront.  It was beautiful morning and the air was crisp.  I really couldn’t ask for better weather.




I love that you can see the blue sky and fluffy white clouds in the reflection of the doors.




This is such a cool pickup.  It was completely painted and so very detailed.  I hope to see it again.








I checked on the bridge progress.




Yesterday on the way home from work, Greg came upon a small crowd of people in the street.  When he got closer he saw two baby river otters. The mother had left and folks were trying to figure out how to return the babies to the water.  How incredible!  I had no idea that there are river otters in the Willamette.  That’s so great.  Today I saw these signs posted along the stretch of path between the Opera House and OMSI, where the construction is taking place.  It was sad to see.  I really hope that Oscar and his family are able to be relocated to a new home.




I texted Greg when I was about 5 minutes from his office.  He was able to pop down and chat for a few minutes.  That was great fun.




Walking under the Marquam bridge is always mind boggling.  The sheer noise of the freeway is both overwhelming and also kind of soothing.  It definitely makes me feel small.




I decided to cross the Hawthorne and then turn around and head for home. This is really a great bridge to cross and the views are stunning.




This crossing signal is in the middle of the bridge.  I’ve been stuck here, when the bridge has gone up, many times.




I think this barbed wire is fascinating.  The top wire was very different from the standard fare.




The Aladdin Theater is my favorite venue in town.  It’s 5 blocks from my house, there are seats (yes, I’m old), and they even have beer and pizza. Not to mention amazing artists perform here; I’ve seen some incredible shows.  I always take a picture of the marquee of each show I go to.  I walk by this building all the time, but never think to take a picture during the day.








There is a large row of Calla lilies in front of the dry cleaners on Milwaukie.  I’ve admired these flowers for years.  They are really quite amazing.  I took a few pictures and was starting to walk away when a man ran out of the dry cleaners and started talking loudly.   At first I thought he was going to yell at me for being in his flowers.  Instead he was trying to get me to stop, so he could cut some flowers to give me.   It was really just a great moment and made my whole day.




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