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Rock and Roll Half Marathon

Posted on May 21, 2012 in Hawthorne, Hipstamatic, Portland, SE Portland, Walks | 0 comments



The inaugural Rock and Roll Half Marathon was finally here!  We have been planning for this for ages.  There were 5 runners in our group: Greg, my sis, my mom-in-law, Greg’s best friend, and my mom-in-law’s best friend.  Since I wasn’t going to use my bib, due to my bum ankle, I gave my bib to my mom-in-law’s best friend.  I’m so glad it could go to use since it was already paid for.




Here is the traditional walking over the Hawthorne bridge before the race picture.  We always park on the East side for any race.  Since this course took place mostly in SE, it was harder than usual to find parking since many roads were closed.  We had 6 in my car which made for quite the adventure.  We only drove less than 2 miles to park, but it was stressful trying to find roads that were open.




There were 24 corals in total.  The first was titled E for Elite.  My group queued up in coral 20 and 22.  This was actually very lucky for me.  Since they were so far in the back, I was able to walk back to the Hawthorne bridge and get positioned to take their pictures.




The Portland Spirit sat next to the Hawthorne bridge and kept blowing its horn.  Passengers on the deck were all cheering the runners.




There were thousands and thousands of people in this race!  This is what I saw for a solid 30 minutes.  It was by sheer luck that I was able to spot all 5 of our team.




From my first position on the bridge, I was able to turn around and walk about 10 feet to the next spot where I could see our team.  Again, I was able to take pictures of all 5 of our team.  It was great to cheer them on!




After seeing our last team member head over the bridge, I headed to 8th and Hawthorne.  This was the  only other spot that I was easy for me to walk to and see people.  The rest of the route went straight up Hawthorne and then looped around and came down Burnside.  There would be no way for me to get ahead of them without driving and that was a whole mess that I didn’t want to have to deal with.

I stopped for a few minutes to watch these baby geese.  So adorable!




Looking up the hill of Hawthorne made me really glad that I wasn’t racing. Just the few miles I walked to talk pictures was a lot for my bum ankle.  I was a tad sad that I wasn’t able to participate, but mostly I was just hugely relieved.   I was especially relieved when our best runner was amazed at  how hilly the course was.




I headed back downtown (stopping to use the bathroom at Burger King – so good!) to the finish line.  I met up with friends and family who had come down to support our team.  I had wanted to be stationed right at the finish line, but it was so insanely loud that there was no way I could stay there for hours.  We opted for a spot about a block before the finish line.  I cheered folks on for hours and hours.  It’s so great to get caught up in the collective spirit.

The day had started off with a few raindrops, but then it was pretty darn right miserable.  I was only in a t-shirt and shorts (it wasn’t cold) and I was drenched by the end.  The only thing that was annoying about the rain was worrying about getting my camera wet.




I’m so proud of our whole group!  I’m especially proud of  my sis (on the left), because she only started running in February.  I’m glad I was able to be the coordinator for the team and make sure everything went smoothly.  If I had run, the whole day would have been much more convoluted.  The whole day was lots of fun and I’m so glad we took part in this race.


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