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Walked 6.14 Miles – To Bagdad

Posted on Mar 8, 2012 in Hawthorne, Hipstamatic, Portland, SE Portland, Walks | 3 comments



It was another stunningly beautiful day in Portland.  I was happy to have the day off from work (I’m working this weekend and won’t get to run with my sis) and I treated the morning like it was a Saturday by decided to go on a longer walk.  I need to start upping my mileage, because May is just around the corner.  I’m struggling with allowing myself to go on walks for multiple hours.  I feel guilty, especially since life is so very busy right now.  I don’t feel (as) guilty when I read for hours.  Walking, like reading, is an activity I view as selfish.  I’m trying to change the mind set by reminding myself that walking is time well spent.  I get an immediate pay off, because I always feel better afterward.  Also, the exercise will only help me as I age. So I’m going to start adding on those miles and if I’m out for 2, 3 or even 4 hours, that’s not a bad thing.




I decided to walk to Hawthorne and then up to 39th.  This is part of the route for the Rock and Roll half in May.  To be quite frank, I’m very nervous about the hill up Hawthorne.  It climbs forever.  I’m going to start incorporating this into my walks to get used to that climb.  I had to cross Powell at the pedestrian signal at 13th.  I hate this signal.  It takes forever to change (I watched a guy walk three blocks and I was still waiting for the light to change) and it’s hard to wait that long.  I used to avoid it by walking on the overpass on 17th.  Now, due to the construction this route has been closed for a couple of weeks.  I hope it’s reopened soon.




I’m still deeply engrossed in listening to Atlas Shrugged on my walks.   I seem to find references to the book everywhere.  Slug is Francisco D’ Anconia’s nickname for Dagny Taggart.








I was walking in Kanye land.  I saw so many stickers, but I was amazed to find this yellow Kanye tape.  It’s great to see a different form of this street art.
















When I saw this, the first thing that popped into my head is that this person wouldn’t be bored if they picked up a book.








I didn’t actually walk on Hawthorne.  It’s way too busy for my liking.  I walked on Madison which is a block North.  I was so happy to walk past this Buddhist center.  I remember walking through here many years ago when it was being remodeled.  It’s such a beautiful space.  I want to come back when the lighting is different to see if I can get better pictures of the stone dogs.












This has always been one of my favorite houses.  The last time I saw it, it was painted white.




This was a treat!  I walk past these horse hoops (back in the day, folks would tie their horse up to these) all the time, but I’ve never seen one off the ground.  I was definitely walking in a fancier part of town.




The fanciness continued with these names imprinted into the walkway stairs.  I’ve never noticed this before.  They were all along Madison.  So interesting!
































Ok, I’m pretty sure this is Falcor from Neverending Story.  There were two benches here and both were amazing.








I figured this was a good spot to turn around.




My dear friend’s birthday is today.  I remember going to her house on one of her birthdays for a Harold and Maude party.  I think we were 19.  I feel so old seeing that a 35mm screening is special thing.








The Clinton is another local institution.  I remember seeing Rocky Horror Picture show here as a teenager.  Driving to SE (from Multnomah village) was always a long, scary trek at that age.  Now that thought just makes me laugh.






  1. Great photos Jolie ~ I’ve been trying to walk more too. With these beautiful days and so many SE treasures, it makes it really fun. Maybe we should walk together sometime ;)

  2. The art quote reminded me of this cousin I had who created art out of broken pottery I sent her once. ;)

  3. Gail: it would be great fun to walk together someday. I’m always spoiled when I walk around Hawthorne and Belmont. There are so many amazing things to find.
    Danny: I forgot all about that picture I made you out of broken pottery! That was a fun happenstance. :)

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