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Jolked 5.17 Miles along the Spring Water Corridor

Posted on Mar 3, 2012 in Hipstamatic, Jolks, Oaks Bottom, Portland, SE Portland | 0 comments



On today’s 5:1 training run with my sis, we headed down to Oaks Bottoms and then to the Sellwood bridge along the Spring water corridor  and returned home the same way.   It was a cloudy day, but we stayed dry which is all I could hope for after all the rain we had been receiving.  I really love walking along the Spring Water corridor.  It’s peaceful and beautiful.  It’s also great to see so many other pedestrians and bicyclists on the path.




I walked 25.6 miles in February.  This is much lower than my January totals, but I’m still very happy to have walked this much in a month.  My March goal is to top January’s 41 mile record.


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