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Walked 4.40 Miles – Belmont

Posted on Feb 9, 2012 in Hawthorne, Hipstamatic, Portland, Portland Progress, SE Portland, Walks | 1 comment



The last 2 weeks has been sheer chaos at my job.  I worked long hours and it’s been a pretty stressful time.  I just didn’t have the time or energy to walk last week.  My big project ended today and I was able to leave work before noon.  When thinking how I could treat myself since I had a gloriously free afternoon, the first thing that I really wanted to do was walk.  Just the idea of it sounded so nice.  Which, I have to admit, I surprised myself with this idea.




It was a dry, almost sunny day.  I decided to head North to Belmont.  I hadn’t ventured past Hawthorne all that much and decided I should spread my wings a little.  It was really just a great walk.




I think one reason my walk was so pleasant is that I started listening to an audio version of Atlas Shrugged.  I read the book last year and just fell in love.  My mom-in-law got me the audio version for Christmas.  Listening to a book while I walked let me turn my brain off.  I didn’t think about work, or really anything else for that matter, and it was so nice to get caught up in a story.  I can’t wait to listen to more.


I looked up and realized I was on Taggart street – which is the last name of the protagonist in Atlas Shrugged.  What a funny coincidence!
















This is hands down my favorite Kanye sticker so far.   I was so surprised by all the street art I found on my walk today.  Definitely more than in my hood. I had to stop myself from taking pictures of all the cool things I found.




Eek!  1904!  I couldn’t believe I found this.  I am still looking for 1906 and 1905.




I had just watched a news article talking about Portland’s 39 community gardens.  I passed 2 of these gardens on this walk.  I can’t wait for Brooklyn to get our community garden which is currently in the works.


















I love walking down alleys.  It’s so peaceful and I never know what I will find.






I love this garage door.




It is well established that I’m a bit obsessed with moss.  This is in the perfect shape of a horse shoe.




I found this on the Brooklyn pedestrian bridge.  I had seen it before, but my picture didn’t turn out well.  I finally got one that I liked which is good because I had to stand precariously on the steps which was giving me vertigo.  Kind of scary, but worth it.






With all the MAX construction starting to happen, I’m afraid that riding the bus will be a bit harder for awhile.  Last week I didn’t realize that my bus stop was closed, because I catch the bus in the dark and I didn’t see the sign.  Luckily, the very cranky bus driver did stop for me, but gave me an earful.




Speaking of construction, I put up a picture of this building that had been boarded up a week or so ago.  Now it’s coming down!  Change is definitely happening fast!

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  1. You are amazing, and your blog is fun and lovely! I do the same thing…walk and take pics…so fun!

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