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Walked 3.60 Miles

Posted on Jan 26, 2012 in Hipstamatic, Walks, Waterfront | 0 comments



I decided to walk through industrial SE on this day.  I’ve gone along the waterfront and I’ve walked through Ladd’s Addition often, but I haven’t really walked between these two areas.  It was a crisp sunny day and I set off to explore all the businesses that are tucked away in this little traveled pocket.




I love that someone made this command much more pleasant.




This is the first time I’ve walked past this mural, although I drive by it all the time.  There is a Mexican restaurant in an old storage container.  They were blasting music when I walked by.




U R an unegucated idiot!  This just cracks me up!  The graffiti this person was correcting was actually written better than this.







This new concert hall just opened up in my hood.  I would have gone in to check it out if I wasn’t so sweaty from my walk.  I hope it will be a great place to see live music.




I’ve walked past this building many times and I never realized that it used to be a church.  The only way to really tell is by these stained glass windows that are hidden among big tall trees.





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