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Walked 3.34 Miles – OMSI

Posted on Jan 8, 2012 in Hipstamatic, Portland Progress, Walks, Waterfront | 1 comment



I was just thinking the other day that I hadn’t seen many cats on my walks lately.  Then I happen upon this guy.  This picture cracks me up!  He was very sweet, but this photo caught him while he was licking his chops, so it gave him a cranky appearance.  You can barely see his tongue to the left of his mouth.







It’s always good to be reminded of Orwell.  This made me think of the time I worked a movie theater and drunk college kids started being loud.  When security escorted them out, they just started yelling ‘this is just like 1984′.




It seems like I walked over train tracks at least 10 times on this walk.




I decided that it was time to climb to the top of these new towers on the recently remodeled 99E viaduct.  There is a wide ramp that was easy to walk and has to be nice for bikers headed to the Spring Water Corridor.




I was surprised to find 6 of these plaques talking about the history of the area.  I love public art, especially when it’s educational.




This makes me so happy!  They are starting to lay the tracks for the max line that will cross over the new bridge which will be completed in 2015. This is literally how far they have gotten.  It currently dead ends at that black poll.  I love seeing progress!







I’m giddy about the new bridge which will have mass transit, bicyclists, and pedestrians.  No cars!  I work at the west end of the Ross Island bridge and I love hearing the pounding as they put these massive pylons into the ground.  The pounding sounds exactly like in Billy Joel’s Allentown. Because of this, I find myself singing that song a lot.













I had to include this picture, because there is so much going on here. Besides the bridge construction, you have the Portland Spirit on the right, a large canoe full of paddlers, and the OMSI submarine.  It’s hard to see, but there are also very large logs in front of the canoers headed down stream.




This seemed like a good spot to turn around and head home.  I need to balance my excitement for walking and this blog with the ability of my poor legs.  They were pretty sore on this walk (I really hadn’t walked much in December), so it was a good reminder that moderation is needed.  I think I will try walking every other day to see how that goes.  I have a 1/2 marathon in May which is another reason why I need to get some miles under my feet.  But being careful is important because I don’t want an injury to slow me down.  Because of this, my walk was very slow today.  Much, much slower than yesterday.  But the day really couldn’t have been nicer and there is always so much to see on the waterfront, so I didn’t mind.




I love that there is so much filming in Portland.  My husband works close to OMSI and there have been multiple TV/movies filmed at his office.   It’s always fun to stumble upon camera crews.  There was nothing here today, but this sign.







I thought it funny that I had just found a sticker with Joiner on it.  I’m sure this means something completely different.













I know I’ve talked about how there is this amazing green moss everywhere. It’s hard not to take tons of pictures of how pretty it is on stairs or walls. Today, I saw many sidewalks also covered in moss.  Crazy!







This is about a block from my house.  I was really sad when they cut this huge old tree down.  I’m sure it was diseased, because it didn’t look well. Still it’s sad when our neighborhood looses such a large tree.  Besides the huge base, this is the only thing left.


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