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The Road to Montana

Posted on Oct 19, 2011 in Hipstamatic, Strolls | 0 comments



Last Thursday, I was up at 5am and was on the road at 6am to Missoula with my husband and two other friends.  A high school friend was getting married on Saturday and we wouldn’t have missed it for anything.  I drove all the way up and home.  I don’t mind driving and my Blue Parrot (my car) is a mighty steed.  We stopped a few times along the way and I snapped a few pictures of our travels.




The groom always stops at Dick’s in Spokane when he travels to Portland.  It became a running joke, for obvious reasons.  We all knew we had to stop here for lunch.  This was a throw back to the 60′s where you walked up to the outside counter to order and eat on picnic tables or in your car. The fries were amazing.




We opted for a picnic table because we’d been driving all morning.  The extremely tame birds were diving for fries.  I spent more time trying to snap pictures of the birds than actually eating.




Due to a missed rest area stop, we found ourselves in a tiny town which consisted of this one motel with store and a few houses.  We bought buy beef jerky to use their bathroom.  They also had 2 walls of VHS movies for rent.




This river was directly behind the motel.  It was a perfectly beautiful day and it was nice to spend even just a few moments enjoying the views.




I even got a shoe picture with Aspen leaves.  The trees were everywhere and they really did seem to glow.


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