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The Clark Fork River, Missoula

Posted on Oct 19, 2011 in 360Panorama, Hipstamatic, Strolls | 0 comments



Once in Missoula, we rented a house 13 miles east of town on the Clark Fork River.  At first, we were kind of bummed that we’d be staying so far out of town and away from the festivities.  The second we pulled into the driveway to see this river and nothing but forrest surrounding it, all of those feelings vanished.  3 Whitetail Deer bounded out of the yard into the woods as we got close to the house.   I couldn’t have wished for a better spot.




The house itself is 5 bedrooms and huge.  Seriously, huge.  The place was well stocked we lived in luxury.  It was great.




We were all very excited about the fire pit.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t hold so we ended up having a every small fire in the rain.  Still, it was fun to stand around and watch it until it started pouring and we decided that the gas fire would suffice.





I spent some time playing with my 360panorama app.  I love this app, but many times I forget that I have it since I use the Hipsta so heavilty.   I didn’t take my real camera (I seem to be leaving it at home more often) because with 4 people in my car, space was going to be tight.  I also didn’t want to have to worry about it during the heavy festivities.  My iphone does a fine job for these sorts of vacations.






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