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Strolling in Missoula

Posted on Oct 19, 2011 in Hipstamatic, Strolls, Waterfront | 0 comments



The day before the wedding, we had time to meander around Missoula.  I really liked this town a lot.  I always play the game of ‘could I live here’ when ever I visit a new place.  I could definitely live in Missoula.  Yes, it’s in a land locked state, but there is so much water around that I would do fine.  The town is filled with quirky folks and art is everywhere.  I found it easy to get the lay of the land and I could easily find any place we needed to go.




One of our first stops was this second hand store.  They truly did have everything.  I was tempted to take home an adorable red typewriter, but it was a bit too steep for me.  I was disheartened at the expensive price tags on everything.  I was hoping to find some real deals.




This was next to the old train station.  My husband liked climbing up the big red Xs.




We ended up parking next to the courthouse (it made finding the car easy) and happened upon Occupy Missoula.




There were about 20-25 tents total on the courthouse lawn.  The following day, we saw a parade of protesters march through town.




We all noticed the big M for Missoula when we rolled into town on Thursday.  On Friday morning, the M had been turned into MT 99%.  It’s hard to see it in this picture.  It was pulled down by the end of the day.  Apparently tampering with the M is a felony.






The Clark Fork travels through town.  Missoula has a great waterfront park.   I was very impressed.




We walked through the park until we stumbled upon a carousel.  The kids in our group were super excited.  I, on the other hand, was a bit leery.  The next thing I knew, I was strapped a top this beauty and on a fast paced ride.  I was surprised at how fast it went.  I hadn’t been on a carousel for at least 20 years.




We did get reprimanded by a 15 year old boy for not belting ourselves to the horse.   It is the law after all.




I saw several of these play structures around town.  They were big and really nicely built.  Several of the adults got lost inside.




My husband quickly found the local record store and scooped up some great deals.  He was very happy.




I started to notice that everything around town has googly eyes on it.  From posters to these lights.  Nothing was safe from getting googly eyes.  I think this would be fun to do around Portland.




We only stopped into a few stores.  I always love a fisherman’s store.  They have the coolest stuff.  I wish I could have spent more time in here taking pictures.




I would love to return and check out more of the architure around town.  It seemed like every street has something of interest on it.  I’d love to bring my big camera to see what I could capture.





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