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Neighborly Horses

Posted on Oct 19, 2011 in Hipstamatic, Strolls | 0 comments



These three horses lived right next to the house we were renting.  Their field was large enough that they were often very far away from us.  But one morning, I saw they had wandered over to our side of the fence and I jumped at the chance to spend a little time with these fellas in the rain.




This is the only horse that let me pet him.  I thought that he was falling in love with me (I have a way with horses), but I quickly realized that he was eyeing my bamboo iphone case.




It turned out to be a blessing, because the only reason I got to hang out with him is because he thought he was going to get a tasty treat.  Although, he came close,  he never actually got a taste of my phone.








They held a meeting and decided it was time to shove off.









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