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Walked 4.22 Miles

Posted on Sep 23, 2011 in Hawthorne, Hipstamatic, Portland, SE Portland, Walks | 0 comments



We  had a rash of hot weather, so I was excited to walk in the morning to try and beat the heat.  I decided to head to the waterfront which, for some reason, I never walk to.  I forget just how close we are to the Esplanade and the river.  I went for a longer walk and really enjoyed my time along the river.  I even got to stop by my husband’s work to say a quick hello.




I’d been wanting to get a closer at this mural on Powell for some time.  It’s really great.




The painting continues down to the sidewalk which is just darn cool.




I also liked that on a mural with huge subjects, there were still small details that caught my eye.








It’s so nice that the construction over the 99E viaduct is done.  It had been ongoing for several years.  The entire thing is beautiful and I love these pointy tower things.




It’s kind of strange that I think having a submarine a mile from ones house is normal.  So normal that I just take for granted that it’s there.  Looking through my pics, it really hit me how crazy it is that we have a submarine in downtown Portland.  And the dock is public access, so you can get close to it easily. 




I did the Jet Boats once when family was visiting.  I’d love to do it again. Besides the thrill of going fast on the water, you also get to see some very cool things.




I know I’m biased, but I think Portland is just stunning.  And I adore the newly painted 100 year old Hawthorne Bridge.




There is construction on the Morrison Bridge and it was great to see this bridge in the air.  I’ve rarely seen it go up.




The Willamette was so low!  There were exposed beaches that I had never seen before.  This fire pit is huge!  I’m sure there were some great parties around it.




I always make a point to see Vera when I’m on the Esplanade.  Today she looked dapper with a leaf broach.




Coming back I had another chance to shoot the Hawthorne.




This horse lives just about 2 blocks from me.  I can’t believe I’ve never spotted him before!


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