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100 Paces – Upper Milwaukie

Posted on Aug 16, 2011 in 100 Paces | 0 comments



I got a little tired walking 100 paces from my house.  My house isn’t really near anything all that cool and it was hard to find the motivation to perform this exercise since pretty much every walk originates from my home.

So I decided to change the rules of the exercise.  Somewhere on my walk  (most likely towards the beginning, so I won’t forget) I will take a picture of one thing and then walk 100 paces from that spot to perform the ’100 paces’ photo exercise where I take 20 pictures where ever I land.  Fun, right?  This opens up all kinds of possibilities, but still has the spontaneity of not knowing where I will end up 100 paces later.




On this walk, I saw crazy bird houses hanging from multiple trees.  They were everywhere and super cool.  I stopped to take a picture of them and then I walked 100 paces south and discovered this flower bud.   


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