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Walked 4.29 Miles

Posted on Mar 3, 2011 in Hipstamatic, Jogs | 1 comment



Since I was walking 4 miles today and I wasn’t feeling all that adventurous, I decided to walk 2 miles down Milwaukie to see where I would end up.  The Candyland house always freaks me out for some reason, but it’s a great landmark because if turned around then, it’s a 2 miles loop.  But I kept going.




I saw this skull and knew that I had to take a picture of it.  It’s a blurring picture because I dashed up super fast, took it and then bolted away.  I wasn’t going to stick around long enough for the Hipstamatic to focus.




This is another landmark of mine.  If I turned around here, it’s a 5k.  I love to see this Dairy Queen when I jog, becaust I know it’s the halfway mark.






I have a friend who is starting to collect pictures of banana peels out in the world.  I’ve been on the hunt to find one and today I did.  Fun!




I’m often grateful for the uber long signal at McLaughlin and 17th.  It can be a wonderful reprieve before the last leg home.  It was great to take pictures of these things during today’s walk.  When I jog these loops, I can only take these pictures in my  head.


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  1. Wow! You walked again today? I’m going to do my weekly long walk on Monday because it looks like rain the rest of the week. Today I took the day off.

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