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Walking to the Distillery District

Posted on Feb 16, 2011 in Hipstamatic, Other, Walks | 0 comments



The week I spent in Toronto was filled with walking.  Walking to run errands, walking to see sites, walking to dinner, etc.  While I didn’t track all the walking I did, my dogs were sure barking at the end of each day.


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One of my favorite walks that I did twice was from our hotel to the Distillery District, a little over 3 miles round trip – not counting the actual walking we did in the district.


180547_10150144161529579_686394578_8071740_2586819_n (2)


This old whisky distillery is the only original display of Victorian industrialism that exists in North America today.  It’s a beautiful area filled with small shops and great places to eat and get coffee.


183563_10150144163359579_686394578_8071776_182856_n (2)


180584_10150144161234579_686394578_8071733_4321129_n (2)


183739_10150144160059579_686394578_8071708_6021864_n (2)


183596_10150144160564579_686394578_8071717_847138_n (2)


184108_10150144159569579_686394578_8071704_3044007_n (2)


183512_10150144159329579_686394578_8071700_4972520_n (2)


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