About Jolie

IMG_0632I started this blog on April 1st, 2005 and it has slowly evolved over time. Now that Facebook is ingrained in peoples’ lives, I no longer feel inclined to blog about the amazing art and artists I find. I can share my finds via so many different social media avenues. So instead, this blog is becoming more a visual scrapbook of my life and crafts. I don’t post as often as I used to, but I try to capture the important creations and moments that I want to remember for years to come.


My main creative outlets at the moment are That Jolie Girl Walks and Ending in Zigzag. That Jolie Girl Walks is a photography blog of my adventures on foot and I use my iphone almost exclusively. Combining exercise and photography has been a blessing. I have learned so much about my beloved Brooklyn neighborhood and the greater city of Portland. It’s allowed me to find the beauty in the details and be present in the now. Ending in Zigzag is a partnership with my husband, Greg. We have lived in Oregon our entire lives and we truly love this state. To fuel our passion for all things trivia and all things Oregon, we decided to visit every town and blog about our journey. I take the photos and Greg writes the posts. This project will take years to accomplish; there are over 900 towns in our atlas. But we’ve crossed 100 town off our list and we can’t wait to visit more.


Besides being happily married with two adorably evil kittens, I work full time at my dream job and craft as often as I can.


Please note: I moved this blog from Typepad to WordPress on September 1, 2013. The migration was pretty rocky and a lot of formatting was lost. I’m working on fixing these posts, but with 7 years of content it’s going to take awhile. I apologize for any back posts that don’t look ideal.