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Posted on May 9, 2011


The other day I was looking at my bookshelves trying to figure out what to read next.  I'm always getting new books from Goodwill and usually have a revolving door of books.  This time I looked behind those newer arrivals to see books that have been permanently hanging around.  I decided to pick 10 classics that I had owned for a very long time, but had never gotten around to reading.  I also made my decision based on the era of these books.  Most were printed in the middle of the 20th century.  I have such a love for old books such as these.  I'm really happy with the selection.  I think there is a good variety of authors and genres.  After I finish each book, I'll give a short report here and also highlight some of the great visual aspects to these books.  



I'm starting with Adam Bede solely because it's the smallest book in the group.  I almost didn't pick it because it didn't match the others, but I love George Eliot and it's a shame I haven't already read Adam Bede.

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  1. I’ve also been wondering what to read next, and I’ve never read Adam Bede, so I just loaded it up on my Kindle. Many old classics are free Kindle downloads. Thanks for the inspiration!

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